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About us

About us

Moon Wallets

Moon Wallets are the original paper wallets®. They are made from 115 g couche paper, double laminated, folded in a simple but ingenious way, offering a variety of classic, modern and irreverent designs, among all those that the imagination can conceive.

As Seen on TV!

Shark Tank Mexico is a reality show that premiered in 2016 on the Sony Channel, based on the international Dragons' Den format. It shows various entrepreneurs presenting their business to a panel of investors who decide if the idea is viable. In its first season they had Rodrigo Herrera Aspra (Genomma Lab), Carlos Bremer (VALUE), Arturo Elías Ayub (Telmex), Jorge Vergara (Omnilife) and Ana Victoria Garcia (Victoria147).

Moon Wallets appeared in the 7th episode and had the support of sharks Carlos Bremer and Jorge Vergara.


 What is a Moon Wallet?

Moon Wallet isn't just the world's thinnest and lightest wallet; It is highly functional and a treat to have in your pocket. We are not claiming that this wallet will last you more than six months before losing its appearance (not its personality!), But again it costs $ 9.75 a piece and you will likely want a new design, six months later. line.

More than anything, moon wallets are conversation pieces: you'll hear hundreds of times: “Wow, what a great wallet”; That's my experience carrying prototypes around, for the last three years.

Save the Children Mexico

With each Moon Wallet you buy, you help the Mexico chapter. Save the Children is an organization that defends the rights of children, protecting them from child violence, malnutrition, harassment, mistreatment, exploitation and more.